Custom Picture Frames without Glass*

Picture Dimensions: " X "
Frame Style:

*To avoid outrageous shipping costs, the largest recommended assembled frame sizes are as follows: 30" X 40" for a 3" frame, 28" X 38" for a 4" wide frame, and 24" X 30" for our Durango 6.5" frame. We also do not recommend the 1.5" Narrow Barnwood in any size larger than 20 X 24.

**The Albany and Durango frames have 5/8" and 15/16" Deep Rabbets, respectively. Deep rabbets or offset clips (for Stretched Canvas) are optional on most frames and cost extra. Please specify on custom order form.

Glass* or Plexiglas(Acrylic) for Custom Frames

Picture Dimensions: " X "
Glass or Plexiglas:

**We do not ship glass for frames larger than the 11" X 14" size to avoid breakage. We do offer plexiglas for larger frames--it is far more durable and looks just as good as glass.



If you are looking for custom picture frames--more particularly custom rustic or barnwood picture frames--you have come to the right place.

Custom barnwood picture frames are no problem because we make all custom frames lovingly and carefully by hand--the same way we make all our picture frames. Included on this page are two custom calculators to assist you in determing our pricing on custom picture frames. Please note that we do not offer glass larger than 12 X 16. This is because it will most likely break in transit. So, if you need a custom picture frame that is larger--like a 10 X 20 frame, or a 18 X 22 frame or even a 5 X 36 size frame--please select acrylic (plexiglas) instead of glass.

When you are ready to order click on the link above. After you submit the Custom Frame Order Form, within a business day we will email you a PayPal Invoice that will include the order total including the shipping costs. We will not begin work on the order until you have paid for the invoice (no PayPal account necessary). Typically we ship our custom orders within a week and then UPS takes 2-5 days to deliver the package. If you need it sooner than this, please let us know.

Attn Resellers: For wholesale custom frame pricing, click on the wholesale login and go to the Wholesale Info page.

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Barnwood Photo Collage Frame for (1) 8 X 10 & (4) 5 X 7s in your choice of colors
List Price: $89.99
Only $69.99
On SALE for $42.99
Father's Day 2016 Reclaimed Wood Sign 10" X 14" World's Beardiest Dad
List Price: $34.99
Only $22.50
Father's Day 2016 Reclaimed Wood Sign 10" X 14" Sawdust and Manliness
List Price: $34.99
Only $22.50
DIY 4 X 6 Picture Frame Collage Kit multipicture frame Father's Day 2016
List Price:
Only $5.00
Rustic Reclaimed Barnwood American Flag Wall Art Full Size 3' X 5' (37.5" X 61.5")
List Price: 399.99
Only $325.00
On SALE for $275.00
4 X 6 (4.75") Beachcomber "Shanty" Reclaimed Wood Picture Frames
List Price: $27.50
Only $23.38
23.5" X 33.25" 9-Pane Homesteader Window Mirror
List Price: $111.59
Only $94.85
On SALE for $84.99
8 X 10 3.25" Wide Homesteader Reclaimed Wood Frame
List Price: $35.28
Only $29.99
Rustic Barnwood Texas Flag
List Price: 349.99
Only $300.00
On SALE for $250.00
Antique barnwood window mirror 24 X 24 (9 Panes)
List Price: $93.49
Only $79.47
On SALE for $59.99
11 X 14 Framed Timothy Campbell Art Prints -- your choice fox print, deer print, cat print, or beagle print
List Price: 45.00
Only $34.94
Personalized Rustic Panel Headboard. Choice of Graphics and Colors
List Price: $399.99
Only $224.00
Conestoga Mixed Barnwood Collage Frames for (3) 4 X 6s
List Price: $43.95
Only $37.36
8 X 10 Schenectady "Junior" 2.75" Vintage Wood Frame
List Price: $30.34
Only $25.79
On SALE for $20.99
5 X 7 Montana 2" Barnwood Frames
List Price: $22.57
Only $19.19
8 X 10 "Durango" Western Barnwood Frame
List Price: $63.75
Only $54.19
Vintage Tin Signs--Bronco Boy Guitar
List Price: $16.99
Only $16.99
On SALE for $6.99

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