World’s Beardiest Man –11-in X 13 -inFree Range-in Laser-Seared Barn Wood Beard Sign–Father’s Day 2017

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A wise person once told me that a man who shaves his beard for a woman, deserves neither… &nbsp &nbsp
Go on, admit it: staring into a man’ s full beard is like staring into his soul, the universe, and a beaver dam all at the same time. In fact, if–while searching for the meaning of life in your facial hair aficionado’ s beard–you do see a small animal crawl out or happen to find a hidden cache of apple pie, you know–right then and there–that everything will be right with the world. &nbsp This man has achieved hair Karma–and deserves to be duly recognized.
Fortunately, you now have the way to do it. &nbsp You can reward his patience, good genes, weeks of itching, snarls, beard oil and mustache wax with an equally unique sign that forever reminds of what he accomplished.
Our brand-new laser-seared ” Free Range” Barn Wood Signs are fresh, uniquely original, and–generally–out there in between right field and the dugout! &nbsp We even include rusty screws for hassle-free hanging:) &nbsp
Got an idea for a sign you’ d like to see? &nbsp Please share!

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