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This is the privacy policy for Allbarnwood Inc. and (referred to as “Allbarnwood”, “our”, “we” or “us” in this privacy policy).

Here at, we value and respect your trust and your privacy. Any and all information that you provide to us will solely be used to improve and manage your experience with AllBarnWood Inc. This data may include your E-mail address, physical address, name, and any other relevant information that you choose to provide on our site. We are very cognizant of our responsibility to respectfully and appropriately use that information, and are dedicated to fulfill this responsibility. Below we will outline the types of information that we use and in what ways we use it. 

IMPORTANT: Visiting our website binds you to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with our policies, we ask that you do not use or visit our website.

Types of Data we collect:

We use analytical tracking, specifically we use Google Analytics. This means that we collect aggregate data such as your IP address, pages that you open on our website, how long you spend on which page, etc. Google Analytics seeks to track shopping behavior but also include information such as your location(country/nation), and demographic information about you. This information is shared with certain third parties mentioned. 

Additionally, when you create an account with us you will be asked to enter personal information such as your name, email address, shipping and billing addresses, credit card details, and phone number. We use this information to ensure that you get the products you order and are able to use our website. We do not share this information with anyone.

Data Used: In order to check login activity and potentially block fraudulent attempts, the following information is used: attempting user’s IP address, attempting user’s email address/username (i.e. according to the value they were attempting to use during the login process), and all IP-related HTTP headers attached to the attempting user.
Activity Tracked: Failed login attempts (these include IP address and user agent). We also set a cookie (jpp_math_pass) for 1 day to remember if/when a user has successfully completed a math captcha to prove that they’re a real human. Learn more about this cookie.
Data Synced (?): Failed login attempts, which contain the user’s IP address, attempted username or email address, and user agent information.

Data Used: To initiate and process subscriptions, the following information is used: subscriber’s email address and the ID of the post or comment (depending on the specific subscription being processed). In the event of a new subscription being initiated, we also collect some basic server data, including all of the subscribing user’s HTTP request headers, the IP address from which the subscribing user is viewing the page, and the URI which was given in order to access the page (REQUEST_URI and DOCUMENT_URI). This server data used for the exclusive purpose of monitoring and preventing abuse and spam.

We accept payments through PayPal. When processing payments, some of your data will be passed to PayPal, including information required to process or support the payment, such as the purchase total and billing information.
Please see the PayPal Privacy Policy for more details.

Cookies: Cookies are small files that are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold user data specific to a particular client or website. There are two types of cookie:session ID cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are used while our website is open. Once you close the browser, that information is deleted. Persistent cookies are stored on a user’s hard drive. They can be removed simply by following online instructions. This data is used to improve the service delivered to you and to tailor websites to specific. For instance, cookies on are used to remember account and login names, passwords, purchase history, and other information that better helps us know what you need and want. If enabled, cookies will allow you to keep your login information in the system so you don’t have to re-enter your password every time. If you do not enable cookies, you can still use our website. However, it may limit some of your experiences. 


We don’t share your personal information with third parties.However, in the event that legal entities ask us for your information as required by law, we will comply if we feel that this is necessary. We will seek to follow the law in this type of events. Examples include: judicial proceedings, court orders, and other legal processes. In defense to any legal claim, we will  use your information to assist in investigations by law enforcement agencies, or if you violate our policies. 

Questions: If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us through email at

Any changes to our privacy policy will be added to this privacy policy. 

Updated July 2018.