Freshly Squeezed Eggs –11-in X 13 -inFree Range-in Laser-Seared Barn Wood Sign

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What can I say? From Brett’s twisted mind to your wall–this 11″ X 13″ sign is made entirely from reclaimed wood and a good number of nails. The image is burned in vis-a-vis an inconceivably futuristic machine called a ” laser” –guided by an almost robotic ” Computer Numerical Control” or CNC unit.THE FUTURE IS NOW!
Wait, never mind…it already passed. Oh well, being passed up a is a skosh better than being ” passed out” and a whole lot better than being ” passed on”
Our brand-new laser-seared ” Free Range” Barn Wood Signs are fresh, uniquely original, and–generally–out there in between right field and the dugout! We even include rusty screws for hassle-free hanging:)

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