Personalized Reclaimed Kid’s Coat Rack


The Problem: coats, hoodies, jackets, scarves, bolo ties, necklaces, feather boas, fedoras and a million other things that end up on the floor of your kid’s bedroom.  The Solution: a revolutionary new, old way of organizing children’s hangables (cue explosion sounds)–kid’s coat racks!  Okay, that was a little anti-climactic…how about (cue Europe: “The Final Countdown”) –Genuine! One-of-a-kind! Personalized Children’s Name Coat Racks,  It has hooks; it has barn wood; it has customizable border colors; it has your choice of child’s name; it’s awesome!!!

Sure, you’ve seen coat racks before…cheap things imported by the thousands. But if all the other kids’s coat racks were on the playground and the All Barn Wood Reclaimed Wood Coat Hooks Rack came out and challenged them all to the ultimate tether ball tournament*, all the other kids’ coat racks would cower and flee before the All Barn Wood personalized children’s coat rack!

*Children’s coat rack is not a bully and not a toy. Do not play tether ball with it.