Rustic Wood Picture Ledge Shelf. White, Black, Natural, Gray, Red. Gallery Style Floating Shelf. Up to 60-in lengths


Hey…I get it…sometimes you just gotta change some stuff to avoid going absolutely batty…Right?  And, what beats better baubles and bric-a-brac?  How about a brand-spanking-old-looking-new reclaimed wood displayifier? Sure, you could could call it a picture ledge or a floating shelf or even a floating picture ledge shelf. Whatever your choice of nomenclature, this rustic gallery shelf is sturdy, has the good looks of a star football player, and feels like a long bubble bath*.

Don’t just replace the pics, frames, frill and festive flummery! Decorify your space with an All Barn Wood Rustic Gallery Picture Shelf (or three–great to stack).  Attach to wall with included screws (best if screwed directly into studs) Plus, when the next holiday swings around, leave the picture ledge and just switch out the succulent and sundry.

See pictures for sizing information.


*Do not bathe or play football with your picture shelf.


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