Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling DIY assorted 3-inch boards. Barn wood boards with choice of colors. Price per Square Foot. Super Low Shipping


Love the look of barn wood? Love that feeling that you’ve accomplished something to be proud of? Why not put those two things together in one amazing project? With All Barn Wood’s DIY Reclaimed Weathered Wood Wall you can go way past hanging something made of Barn Wood on your wall…You can transform your ordinary wall into a unique, artwork-on-its-own Barn Wood Wall. Reuse, Recycle, Re-purpose & Re-invigorate your home with a Reclaimed Wood Wall!

All Barn Wood’s “Reclaimed Wood Wall” is priced per square foot with a MINIMUM PURCHASE of 10 square feet. It can be used to cover the entire wall, as wainscoting, or even for your ceiling. Just measure the wall area you want to cover and use the following formula to calculate square feet….
-Multiply Width (in inches) X Height (in inches) and divide by 144. All you need to do measure, multiply and order. Quantity ordered correlates with the number of square feet. So, if you need 60 square you will want to order quantity 60.

DIY Reclaimed Wall comes in a careful assortment of lengths (36″, 24″, 18″, 12″) , natural unpainted colors and textures of naturally weathered, reclaimed wood slats–all milled in house to 3″ wide (your choice) and 1/2″ thick with a 1/4″ over/underhang cut into each slat. NEW: Choose how many feet of which COLORS & what distressing level you want. Do you need 180 sq ft of Heavily distressed white and 20 ft of lightly distressed white?
Well, order it that way. Do you need 15 ft each of 10 different colors…well, by Jupiter, order it that way. Order whatever combination of color & distressing level you want.

Installation is fairly straight forward process. Check out our How-To video here! —>

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