White Nursery Shelves, Baby Room Book Ledge, choice of shelf color and length.


There is no question–your baby is, well, the center of your world…and rightly so.  It stands to reason that her nursery decor needs to be the perfect combination of warmth, creativity and security.  And, nothing says “warmth, creativity, and security” like a sign that literally says “warmth, creativity, and security”.  Unfortunately, we are all out of those signs.

A nursery shelf or two, though, goes a long way in your itsy lad’s or wee gal’s room–well, if you order a long shelf, it will go a long way.  And, though we won’t have any data to back this statement up ever, when you child is forty something and meeting with his psychiatrist, instead of saying “Tell me about your mother,” the shrink will say “I’ve never met such a well-adjusted adult”  and will ask something along the lines of…”Tell me why you feel that your childhood was so warm, creative and secure”.  Then, what will most likely happen is that the psychiatrist will trade places with your son or daughter, lie down on the couch and say  “can I tell you about my nursery decor?  It was cold, bland, and worrisome, and I am pretty sure it all came from overseas.  I don’t think my mother cared at all about me.


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