Rustic Reclaimed Barnwood American Flag Wall Art

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Hands down, no contest… this is the awesomest FULL-SIZE American flag ever made out of genu-I-ne reclaimed wood in the United States of America. This original is a faithfully rendered 3′ X 5′ Flag with a 3/4 natural barn wood border. Outside dimensions: approximately perfect! (37.5″ X 61.5″ X 1.25?)

It is big! It is rustic! It is American with a capital “A”!…………And it is ideal for any living room, bedroom (works great as a headboard), family room, man cave, garage, cabin, hunting lodge, dining room, front porch, back porch, carport, basement, ruckus room, cub scout den room, parlor, kitchen, panic room, bomb shelter, gun range, or office. Yeah! It is that cool! If Francis Scott Key were alive today, he would probably say, “Hell Yeah! I’ll take 3!” Or, actually it might be more like, “By the bifurcated tail of Lucifer himself, inscribe my name for a triumvirate!”* This Old Glory (emphasis on the “OLD) is created utilizing random lengths of 2.75″ wide naturally weathered barn wood slats painted barn red, white, and navy blue and distressed. Flag ships as 2 flat panels that fit together on the wall.

Installation is easy….just mark your studs, prop the panel against the wall, and screw 3-4 screws through each section of the barnwood flag straight into wall studs with 3” screws (included)

This ‘merica flag can also be used as a rustic headboard!

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